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modern entertainment centers

Modern wall units at room service 360° rise to the challenge of keeping a contemporary living space looking sleek and stylish while displaying the TV and providing ample storage as well as display space. Italian wall units from our collections feature innovative forms and are available in wall-mounted and floor standing versions, as well as a combination of the two. Crafted by skilled Italian artisans, these modern entertainment compositions are perfect for audio and visual equipment, as well as a stylish manner to display memorabilia and contemporary décor.

Highly customizable and manufactured in Italy by prestigious brands such as Presotto Italia, Tomasella, and Pianca, modern wall units offer an array of designs and finishes ideal for today’s busy lifestyle. Unmatched in style while offering a practical solution for TV and AV equipment, contemporary wall units have quickly become a chic and bold focal point in living rooms, family rooms and basements.

contemporary wall unit features

Our selection of modern wall units features a wide array of useful elements that include:

  • Integrated lights- Illuminating your pieces of décor and adding a bit of mood lighting is a breeze with these accent lights. Many wall units are available with an optional remote, touch switch, or foot switch to turn the lights on and off easily.
  • Integrated desk- designed to extend the functionality of wall units by adding a practical place to work or study, with plenty of storage and display space surrounding the work area.
  • Swivel TV mount- The swiveling feature allows TV watching from varying angles, switching the vantage point in seconds and with ease. Watching TV from the kitchen of the dining room when needed is not a problem with the swiveling TV mechanism.
  • IR-friendly doors- for those who like a clutter-free area and want to hide the equipment, this is a must-have. IR friendly doors allow the use of remote without having to open the door.
  • Sound friendly doors- These doors allow speakers storage without muffling the sound. The perforated doors do not affect the sound even when closed while offering a clutter-free design.
  • Sliding panels- These panels allow you to choose between storing and displaying belongings. They move smoothly back and forth.

versatile, stylish, and customizable designer wall units

Our modern wall units have a highly versatile nature that adds to their practical role as a focal point in the modern home. Varying in degree of customization with choices ranging between different wood, glass, stone, and ceramic finishes, the wall units in our extensive collection can also add a splash of color and powerful architectural element. Shelving elements with complementary back panels, and cool compositions with different shapes and depths yield one-of-a-kind contemporary wall unit designs for any living space. Many of these Italian wall unit compositions have other convenient features and double as bookcases or storage solutions in part because of a variety of shelving, cabinet, and drawer modules that range in size and depth.

Specialty wall unit compositions include:

  • Wall mounted wall units
  • Freestanding wall units
  • Corner wall unit compositions
  • Wall Units with desk
  • Wall Units with library
  • Wall Units with display cabinets

For the ultra tech-savvy customer, many of these modern wall units have an optional cable duct that keeps wires out-of-sight and tangle-free for a clutter-less look.

complementary furniture for your modern home

Another benefit of an Italian wall unit is its potential to complement other pieces of furniture in the living room. Some of the wall units are part of a collection that also feature matching bookshelves and sideboards. By fluidly integrating all furniture elements in one space in terms of finishes and scale, a cohesive design concept is achieved. For example, Presotto Italia is one of the leading manufacturers of stylish wall units that also makes gorgeous and comfortable seating solutions, coffee tables and sideboards that offer the potential to have a harmonizing effect on any contemporary living space. Other manufacturers such as Tomasella, San Giacomo and Pianca offer similar interior solutions that make decorating a bedroom with a modern wall unit and a matching bed or a living room where the wall unit and coffee tables share a complementary color scheme and finishes, not only convenient but also stylishly savvy.

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