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modern media cabinets

Modern TV stands are a must-have furniture element in a contemporary home. TVs are a major focal point, and it is essential to have a way to display it in a sleek and practical way. A contemporary living room is not complete without a modern media cabinet and our unique collection ensures that your entertainment components will be presented in style while offering function and visually pleasing aesthetics.

While many of today’s TVs have flat-screens and mount to the wall, contemporary TV stands are still an excellent solution to place under the TV as a storage solution for the cable box, speaker, smart TV accessories, and more. Designed to keep all the electronic accessories and other belongings neat and organized for an appealing and clutter-less vibe, modern TV stands also make a stylish focal point in the modern living area, with distinct designs and compositions that yield a grand impression.

convenient features for contemporary TV stands

Today's' TV stands and modern media cabinets are available with a myriad of features that are practical, accommodate various TV sizes and include the following options:

  • Drawers - keep small belongings, such as remotes, out-of-sight and organized
  • Integrated cable management - hides all of your wires neat and out of the way to give the area a sleek, clean look
  • Adjustable shelves - make it easy to accommodate differently sized electronics and other belongings that may need to be kept out of sight
  • Media ventilation – keeps electronic equipment cool and prevents overheating thus extending their life
  • Equipment storage - offers plenty of room in the interior compartments for various media tools such as speakers, DVD player, cable box as well as receiver and other specialty audio and visual components
  • IR-friendly doors - allow the use of remote-controlled electronics even when the doors are closed
  • Perforated doors - are the necessary component for those who have speakers and want to amplify the sound without opening the doors
  • Castors - offer easy mobility when there is a need to have access behind the cabinet or move it entirely to a different room
  • Height-adjustable legs- designed to accommodate floor leveling when they are uneven

customize designer tv stands to your liking

With a vast array of options to choose from, contemporary TV stands are available in wood, glass, and metal options for various stylistic combinations. The wooded options offer an organic, natural look to the room, while glass finishes add a luxurious, sleekness to their surroundings. Each collection has its own unique color scheme, designs, configurations, and sizes that are available to accommodate existing design preferences and spatial constrains.

forming a cohesive design concept in your modern home

Pairing TV stands and media cabinets with modern living room furniture is vastly uncomplicated. Made to fit with an array of contemporary sofas, sectionals, chaise lounges, and armchairs, modern media cabinets and free-standing TV stands easily contribute to a stylish finished look with the help of their innately sleek and minimal style. Italian manufacturers like Cattelan Italia, Lago and Tonin Casa all offer spectacularly unique media cabinets that redefine the typically accustomed TV stands of yesteryears. Made to match both traditionally classic and extremely modern seating areas, these Italian TV stands are easily adaptable and complement the predominant décor of the room. To further extend the stylistic fluidity of contemporary TV stands, most Italian manufacturers also incorporate occasional furniture with matching finishes and color schemes into their collections. Options such as coffee tables, bookcases, sideboards and side tables can be paired together to add a sleek, eye-catching style as well as assure that all finishes correspond with one another.

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