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contemporary sofas

The modern sofas offered at room service 360° are beautiful and comfortable. We know that the sofa is one of the most important furniture pieces for your modern living area and offer the finest options that are bound to make a statement. Whether you are looking for contemporary sofas for a formal living room or a cozy family room, our collections fulfill every need. Offering durability and using only the best materials, our sofas are made in Italy to withstand the tests of time both stylistically and functionally.

Our contemporary sofa options are vast and include 2-seater and 3-seater sofas as well as extra-large sofas that can accommodate a larger group of people. From minimal to tufted, from a curved structure to one with thin arms, we have your perfect sofa. The clever filters on our website help narrow down the choices to find exactly what you are looking for.

Varying in colors, upholstery options, one-of-a-kind modern designs, and comfort features our sofas are ideal for even the most demanding requirements. In addition to various widths, we have modern sofas that meet different height and depth restrictions as well as various functional characteristics such as adjustable headrest, moveable or lift-up back cushion and reclining seats. Our collection of Italian sofas includes the latest designs from Bonaldo, Cierre, Gamma Arredamenti and Nicoline Italia.

tips for buying the right modern sofa

When buying a modern sofa, consider the following three factors to help with your decision.

  • Comfort - Modern sofas don’t have to be uncomfortable, it’s simply a myth. The superior construction of our sofas includes feather-filled lining, polyurethane foam in different densities and even memory foam lining that assures customized luxurious seating experience that ranges from plush to firm. Contributing comfort are also adjustable headrest mechanisms as seen in Rigoletto sofa by Cierre, moveable back cushions like in the Sunset sofa by Gamma Arredamenti, as well as recliner sofas like Nicoline’s Salina.
  • Style - When considering the sofa style for your home, look for details. Minimally styled options will have linear design like the Mare sofa collection by Artifort, while the more opulent sofa options will include chesterfield like tufting as seen in the Aston sofa by Gamma Arredamenti as well as the Cordusio Sofa from Nicoline. Think about your home’s existing furniture and chose a sofa that best reflects your décor style.
  • Durability - This is an absolute necessity when considering a sofa. Luckily, we only work with the most prestigious brands that employ meticulous Italian craftsmanship and quality materials to ensure longevity and sturdiness. Sofas with either metal or solid wooden frames, wide and crossed webbing suspension that supports whatever filling is being used as well as 100% top grain, genuine leather and quality fabrics will add to the sofa’s ability to withstand the tests of time.

leather vs. fabric upholstered sofas

When shopping for a contemporary sofa, one must consider things like style, shape, size and comfort features but also whether the sofa should be leather or fabric. Here’s what you need to know in order to decide between the two.

Leather is more durable and less demanding as far as maintenance is concerned making it the perfect choice for busy living spaces and young families. Leather sofas are easy to clean and tend to adapt quickly to hot and cold environments. Leather upholstery looks sleeker, but also varies with different types of leathers. At room service 360, we offer a variety of leather options that vary in grain, pigmentation, and aniline finish. Depending on your preference and lifestyle, some leathers offer more protection from spills and stains, while others are more luxurious to the touch but fragile when it comes to daily use.

Fabric upholstered sofas are the go-to option for a contemporary setting in need of a cozier vibe. Fabric is known for its softness and luxurious feel. Whether it is cotton, velvet, polyester, linen, wool or a combination of materials, it is inviting and offers comfort for hours. Fabric upholstered sofas are also a great choice for sunny climates when it is placed near a window, as it is not as easily influenced by temperature changes.

sofa features

Our beautiful collection of Italian sofas has a variety of innovative features such as adjustable headrests, manual and electric recliners, attached ottomans, and included storage compartments for added convenience. Some sofas have moveable back cushions that flip back and forth to create a deeper, more supportive seat allowing for a chaise like seat as seen in the Laguna sofa by Gamma Arredamenti. Others feature an open structure where an attached ottoman, replaces one of the arms, Tenerife sofa by Nicoline showcases this peninsula structure. Storage as shown in Bonaldo’s Cortina sofa is another convenient feature that allows for clutter-less space. Regardless of which features are paramount, our goal is to offer modern sofas with added value and integrated benefits that make your life more enjoyable.

In addition to the functional features of your next modern sofa, intricate details like stitching, piping, tufting and geometric accents are all stylistic elements that add beauty seamlessly and differentiate your Italian sofa from mainstream solutions. Showing the manufacturer’s specialty, craftsmanship and incredible attention to detail, are also the reasons behind your sofa becoming the focal point in the room.

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