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modern sectional sofas

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contemporary sectional sofas

Modern sectionals from room service 360° extensive collection create welcoming conversational areas within an open and airy space. Our luxurious collections are available in various shapes and configurations to accommodate any room layout and functional requirements. From L-shaped versions perfect for corners to curved and U-shaped versions that are ideal for basements and large family rooms. Our Italian sectionals are perfect for urban or suburban settings and arguably are considered as one of the most used pieces of furniture in the house. With comfort, style and durability at the forefront, these innovative and practical sectionals are bound to make your modern living room, family room or basement an oasis that you will not want to leave.

The vast array of Italian contemporary sectional sofas offered on our website and in our showroom, feature many elements designed to make life more convenient. Adjustable headrests, recliners, adjustable backs, built-in storage, and structures with peninsula are some of the ways that can be used to narrow down our vast selection. Designed for versatility, functionality, and comfort, sectionals are easily customizable in different sizes and compositions as well as colors and upholstery types. Featuring the latest modern sectional sofa designs from Italian design houses such as Bonaldo, Cierre, Gamma Arredamenti and Nicoline Italia, room service 360 is the most comprehensive destination for your next seating solution.

types of sectionals

  • Sectional sofa with chaise - This option usually features a standard sofa with a chaise on one end to stretch out comfortably
  • Corner sectional - The L-shaped structure fits many people with ease and features arms on both sides of the L-shape
  • Corner sectional sofa with peninsula - This option is like the standard corner sectional with a peninsula on one of the sides instead of a standard armrest. A peninsula is a sofa element with no back cushion or armrest at the end
  • Angled sectional - This standard shape with a geometric twist is a unique option for a modern setting. The spacious design fits the whole family and is a great choice when the room is long and narrow
  • U-shaped sectional - This unique design is ideal for large, open-floor plans or basements. Many U-shaped version feature both integrated chaises and peninsulas to fit everyone comfortably
  • Two-sided sectional - If you want something truly one-of-a-kind that accommodates many people, this is the sectional for you! It is ideal for spacious living areas with multiple vantage points.

what to look for in a sectional

Overwhelmed with our extensive selection? We are here to help make the process a little easier. First, look out for comfortable add-ons, such as recliners and moveable backrests. This feature will allow you to kick up your feet and lay back to relax after a long day. Some of the recliners come with optional battery kits, while others need to be plugged into an outlet. The moveable backrests create a chaise lounge seat that’s deep enough to put your feet up.

Other great features to think about when picking out a modern sectional are lift-up back cushions and adjustable headrests both of which give a better support for the upper back and neck. Another attractive feature to consider is integrated storage in a form of a magazine pocket or built-in shelves. These are great space-saving solutions and also encourage clutter-less living.

Finally, choose comfort first when evaluating your options. Look into the type of cushion filling is offered such as feather filled, or memory and polyurethane foam filled seats. Comfort is very personal and should be always experienced first-hand so if possible, try to sit on a sectional before buying it.

upholstery options

We have a variety of materials available, from leather to fabric options that both have their own advantages and unique characteristic. Our vast array of leather options ranges from top grain to full grain options with low maintenance and a luxurious allure. On the other hand, fabric upholstery is soft, full of texture and is available in a large assortment of colors and patterns. room service 360° collection of sectionals is made in Italy and exceeds the most demanding expectations for superior style, materials, and construction, with welcoming yet sophisticated designs that complement, never confine, a contemporary lifestyle.

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