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showroom displays + special promotions

The room service 360° collection features the best in modern design, created by some of the world’s renowned designers of modern furniture. Showroom display models are offered at significantly discounted prices, providing opportunities for obtaining high-quality designer furniture, lighting and home decor for less.

room service 360° sale items include showroom display models, as well as special promotions of new designer modern furniture. Each special item is offered at a deeply discounted value, at 25-70% off the original price. Our display models and promotions are updated frequently. Customers are encouraged to bookmark this page and check back often to enjoy quality modern furniture at prices found nowhere else.

At room service 360°, a commitment to excellence drives success. Customer satisfaction is the backbone of excellence, informing everything room service 360° does, from offering exclusive modern furniture created by top Italian designers, to processing orders with a dedication to providing the best service available. room service 360° is pleased to offer clearance specials that never compromise style for value.