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modern recliners

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modern leather recliners

room service 360° has a wide variety of elegant and comfortable recliners that look incredible in a contemporary setting. Often made in Italy with relaxation in mind, these modern leather recliners add a touch of sophistication to a living space with a sleek silhouette and discreet reclining mechanism. We offer manual and electric versions and a variety of colors, textures, styles, sizes, and materials to customize it to be the Italian leather recliner of your dreams. From luxurious and easy to clean leather options, to soft and cozy fabric upholsteries, room service 360° choices are bound to appeal to different preferences.

There is no need to sacrifice comfort for style or vice versa because room service 360° extensive collection pairs the two together seamlessly, making relaxing in style easier with these gorgeous seating solutions!

how do these designer recliners work

Every modern recliner is designed with comfort and style in mind. The reclining mechanisms are made with incredible attention to detail and the entire chair is constructed to be used frequently and for a long time. Our contemporary recliner options include two types of mechanisms.

  • Manual recliner has a lever or button on the side that elevates the footrest and reclines the backrest without a plug.
  • Electric recliner needs to be plugged into an outlet to work or through an optional battery kit for it to work wirelessly.

While we offer modern recliners from many leaders in the industry, many of our most popular options are from Lafer, which feature independent manual mechanisms for the footrest, backrest, and headrest. Unlike other manual Italian leather recliners with only one lever that controls everything at once, Lafer recliners have multiple side buttons and levers to control reclining parts individually. If you just want to elevate your feet, but do not want to lean back, that is no problem. Also, Lafer leather recliners feature unique adjustable headrests that move smoothly, making them a stellar choice for added comfort.

modern recliner customization options

Our upholstery selection for contemporary recliners is extensive and luxurious. Sleek leather options are available in an array of colors and softness levels. Various fabrics are also available in different colors and textures. If you want something smooth and stain resistant, leather options are the way to go, while a cozier vibe can be achieved with fabrics.

You can also customize the stitching and piping details for a lot of the designer reclining chairs. Choose matching, lighter, or darker colors for versatile visual effects. Piping options come in an array of colors making every small detail an intricate showcase of truly incredible craftsmanship and quality.

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