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modern poufs + stools

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  • designer: Gianmaria Conficconi
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modern bedroom poufs + stools

The room service 360° collection of modern poufs and stools for the bedroom represents innovative interpretations of classic options, with an array of styles to complement contemporary homes. When created by Italy’s most renowned furniture designers, a pouf or stool adds a strong stylistic element to a modern design scheme as well as a functional area to sit.

Portable, versatile, functional, and decorative, contemporary poufs and stools are turned into useful artistic accent pieces that make a statement in any setting. Crafted by Italy’s skilled contemporary furniture designers, poufs and stools can be easily used as footstools, extra seating options, or a side table. room service 360° collection of modern stools provides distinctive visual accents to any luxurious bedroom space.

what makes our contemporary poufs and stools so special?

Italian bedroom poufs and stools are offered in a wide variety of forms, sizes, materials, and colors. Including both round and square options, our stunning collection of poufs and stools is available on short or tall legs as well as with sled bases, and even options that resemble beanbag chairs for a fun and lounge-like touch. Each style is unique and makes for a great accent piece that complements a bed or an armchair and sofa in the sitting area of the modern bedroom. Keeping versatility at the forefront, poufs and stools can be easily customized in terms of upholstery, finishes and shapes as well as their overall height, in case they are being paired with a desk or a vanity.

Choose between fabric, leather, eco-leather, wood and plastic finishes as well as a variety of metal accents that yield different eye-catching looks. Fabric upholstered options offer a soft touch and are available in an array of textures and colors, while leather-upholstered solutions add a sense of luxury to their surroundings. Wood finishes bring a rustic style to the bedroom, while plastic is sustainable indoors and outdoors. For added convenience, many of the poufs and modern stools have other interesting features, such as:

  • Under-the-seat storage- Allows you to keep items readily accessible and neatly out-of-sight.
  • Integrated storage pockets- Perfect place for books, magazines, remotes, and other small essential items you want nearby.
  • Handles- Helps move the lightweight poufs and stools to new locations easily.
  • Hidden castors- Allows the product to move around the room smoothly and make is simple to relocate to other settings.

comfort level

Luxury modern poufs and stools for the bedroom not only need to complement the existing design scheme in terms of aesthetics, but also add a comfort level and durability. Our collection offers varying levels of comfort, depending on the finish and type of the pouf and stool, ranging from the highest comfort for the options that have upholstered seats compared to those with polyurethane or wooden seats that offer a firm and sturdy seat. Those with sturdier seats are great solutions for added utility as foot stools, and could also be used as side tables and accent furniture next to the bed or in the sitting area.

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