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contemporary ottomans + stools

No room is complete without eye-catching accent pieces that can also double in utility and function as extra seats and places to rest your feet when necessary. Typically, small and designed to fit into most areas, our wide array of modern ottomans and stools is ideal for roomy as well as space-conscious settings.

what are ottomans + stools used for?

The modern ottomans and stools in our extensive collection are as aesthetically pleasing as they are practical and functional. With varying comfort levels, shapes and finishes, some contemporary ottomans are designed for seating and have a soft, cushioned top while others are meant to elevate your feet or serve as decorative element. Regardless of the intended functionality, most modern stools are versatile and could be used in a variety of settings. A checklist of all possible uses for modern ottomans and stools will help pick the perfect one for your space and needs:

  • A place to kick up your feet and relax
  • An elegant side table
  • Extra seating
  • Storage
  • Decorative element

finding and creating the perfect ottoman for you

With abundant customization options available for each product, creating the right Italian ottoman, stool, or pouf is simple. It is important to establish why you need it. For instance, for people looking for something functional and classic, sculptural options by Artifort may not be the best choice. We have options with tall legs that have an elegant appeal, poufs that offer abundant comfort, versions with hidden storage like Gamma Arredamenti’s Smart collection as well as options that double as end tables and footstalls like those by Kartell, and even some that sit on castors for easy mobility. Further customization can be achieved through various materials available, such as wood, glass, metal, and different types of leather and fabric that come in multiple colors, textures, and designs.

forming a cohesive look

Whether it’s in the living room, study, bedroom, or office, modern poufs, contemporary ottomans, and stools will add a gorgeous finishing touch while maximizing comfort and convenience. Regardless of which is your primary objective for selecting an Italian ottoman, there are two ways to incorporate them into your interior:

  • Many modern ottomans can be matched with an armchair, sofa, or sectional. By having a matching pair, it is easier to create a stylish flow between all furniture elements in terms of color, style and finish
  • An alternative to matching modern ottomans to other seating solutions is to mix styles and shapes for an eclectic décor
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