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contemporary nightstands

room service 360° collection of modern nightstands offers customers the opportunity to complement their contemporary bed with eye-catching and stylish designs from iconic brands, among which are Cattelan Italia, Bonaldo, Cierre, Gamma Arredamenti, Fiam Italia, and more. With stunning options created by the leading modern bedroom furniture manufacturers, the wide array of unique nightstands seamlessly pair form and function.

One of the most essential furniture pieces in the bedroom, the modern nightstand offers bountiful storage as well as a practical surface to hold table lamps, alarm clocks, books, reading glasses, water bottles and more. Conveniently located within arm’s reach, modern nightstands give the bedroom a cohesive and finished look that complements an array of designer beds, dressers, and chests.

nightstand styles

Designed to give its surroundings an immediate boost in character regardless of color or version, the modern nightstand embodies form and function while bringing an elegant spotlight to the bedroom. Maintaining a modern sense of simplicity and ambiance, modern nightstands feature a wide array of stylistic and practical details that fall into key categories:

  • Round nightstands – perfect pairing with freestanding modern beds that require a stunning 360-degree view.
  • Rectangular and square nightstands – great choice for beds with extended or exaggerated headboards, as well as placement against a wall.
  • Wall mounted nightstands are an ideal solution for those seeking a floating look and solve a few functional dilemmas such as rooms with floor heating vents or specific baseboards.
  • Nightstands on legs or pedestal base – optimal for bedrooms with floor heaters or baseboards and do not require wall mounting, these nightstands look light and airy while also providing bountiful storage.
  • Nightstands with shelf – often in combination with a drawer, nightstands that feature a shelf innately combine storage and display into a single structure with visual lightness at the forefront.

creating your perfect nightstand

Iconic case goods collections from leading Italian manufacturers such as Lago, Presotto, Tomasella, Pianca and San Giacomo include matching nightstands, dressers, and chests as well as stand-alone options with unique features like integrated lights and built-in castors offered by the likes of Tonelli and Horm. While the bed is certainly the centerpiece of the room, often times the perfect nightstand will make the pairing look even more special and stylistically congruent. The wide array of nightstand styles is certainly impressive, but selecting the right nightstand and customizing it can be overwhelming and confusing. To simplify the choices and to customize the perfect contemporary nightstand, the following three key elements need to be considered:

  • Finishes – selecting from rich wood options like walnut or thermal oak, sleek glass choices like colored or acid-etched, glossy or matte lacquers as well as eco or genuine leather upholsteries to match a bed in the same selection.
  • Sizes – choosing the overall nightstand width and height based on the height of the mattress is necessary in determining the number of drawers the nightstand will feature.
  • Matching the full collection – determining whether a dresser or chest is required may help narrow down the choices, as some nightstands are stand alone, while others are a part of bigger collections.
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