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modern lighting

Lighting is an essential feature to brighten a space, and modern light fixtures excel with that need and add a stylish touch as well. In the hands of a skilled designer, a modern lamp or chandelier is transformed from a pure source of light into a source of art and inspiration.

In this exclusive lighting collection, room service 360° has gathered together a wide assortment of light fixtures from the some of Europe’s most prestigious design houses. From ceiling lights and floor lamps to table lamps and wall sconces, each lighting option makes a statement in a modern home and illuminates the space beautifully. Different materials are available, such as glass, ceramic, and metals, in various colors that add a pop of style to any area. We also offer different types of bulbs from halogen to eco-friendly LED options. Many lighting options have a full range of dimming options, and some have a few levels of brightness to set the mood accordingly.

The best contemporary homes not only take advantage of natural, direct, indirect, and ambient light to create high style and drama but use the fixtures as art pieces as well. room service 360° is pleased to present iconic pieces to brighten contemporary spaces. Come into our showroom in Philadelphia with any questions you have, and our staff is happy to help and offer design advice!