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modern dining room furniture

modern dining room furniture

Modern dining room furniture selection at room service 360 offers an array of dynamic functionality and aesthetic harmony that’s bound to make a great statement in the form of an accent piece, or as a visual focal point. With impressive and intuitive versatility that injects the dining space with transformative aura, the contemporary dining room solutions from Italy’s leading factories like Cattelan Italia, Bonaldo, Lago, Porada, Midj, Bontempi are the perfect way to entertain and host the most coveted events with family and friends.

Full of products that combines visionary design and meticulous Italian craftsmanship with durably and high-end materials, the dining room category is filled with iconic modern pieces that easily reflect the homeowner’s elevated sense of taste and style.

Products in the contemporary dining room category

An inspiring selection of dining room furniture that includes flawlessly symmetrical silhouettes with geometric patterns as well as highly dynamic solutions with constructive and decorative aspects could be categorized into the following sub-categories.

  • Dining tables - From grand, sculptural masterpieces to sleek and practical options, there is plenty of amazing options to choose from for one of the most important focal points in the modern home.
  • Kitchen tables - As one of the most used pieces of furniture with daily utility, kitchen tables options are simultaneously practical and aesthetically beautiful.
  • Dining chairs - Sacrificing comfort for style or vise verse is a thing of the past when it comes to modern dining chairs as they are simultaneously comfortable and stylish, easily complementing a variety of dining table with materials, colors and styles.
  • Benches - a minimal solution often preferred as an alternative to buying multiple dining chairs, benches are sleek and unobtrusive and can accommodate a lot of people at once.
  • Buffets and sideboards - Often used as a focal point that goes beyond its storage intent, the spacious designs of modern buffets and contemporary sideboards act as an elegant display, storage and server element that adds to the overall uniqueness of the dining area as well as its practicality.
  • Display cabinets - Perfect for showcasing gorgeous décor elements and often include interior lighting to further highlight the stunning display cabinet and its contents.
  • Bar and counter stools - The eye-catching designs are not only stylish but incredibly comfortable and supportive as well, with solutions that fit around a kitchen counter as well as when paired with a bar table.
  • Bar cabinets and cart - Must-have items for people who entertain on a regular basis, these custom-designed cabinets are made to accommodate bar needs with stunning customization and elegance.
  • Bar and counter tables - an alternative to a kitchen table or a great solution for the basement, bar and counter tables are durable, easily customized and offer beautiful modern aesthetics to any area.

Customizing the perfect pieces for your modern dining room

Creating a custom dining room is at times a daunting task but using great filters that align with personal needs such as size, color, finish, shape and materials make it both easy and truly a personal statement. Creating a unique visual composition, the modern dining room is comprised the following key elements:

  • welcoming color palette that signifies warmth and coziness, which could be translated through earth tones or a cooler, more modern color scheme with delicate hints of grey.
  • natural influences like the walnut wood, cotton, chenille as well as marbles and metals that allude to the inviting and luxurious aspect of natural textures in the realm of modern dining room decor.
  • practicality of materials such as the ceramic surfaces that are used on dining tables and surfaces of buffets offers a sense of timelessness and freedom when it comes to using the modern dining room, while leather and eco leather upholsteries for dining chairs offer the easy maintenance that is required by today’s busy lifestyle.
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