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memory foam + latex luxury mattresses

At room service 360°, we put the same care and attention into selecting luxuriously comfortable mattresses as we do into all our furniture. This selective approach leads us to partner with Magniflex for the ultimate in award-winning sleep solutions crafted by skilled Italian artisans. The perfect complement for the modern platform beds selection, Magniflex mattresses are made with comfort and health at the forefront with materials that not only ensure a restorative sleep but are eco-friendly and allergen-free as well.

As an authorized dealer of the best Italian design houses, room service 360° is pleased to offer the added assurance of a 30-day low-price guarantee, ensuring that no better value for quality Magniflex mattresses can be found anywhere but here, especially because our grand 20,000 square foot Philadelphia showroom showcases dozens of different mattresses enabling our customers to test the best mattress solutions and ultimately, pick the most fitting one.

how to choose the right Italian mattress

Choosing the right mattress starts with the question of who will sleep on this mattress? Whether the mattress is selected for you and your partner, a child or guest, the choices vary with respect to the personalized comfort and support level offered. Other important aspects to consider when selecting the mattress include:

  • Weight, Height and Age
  • Sleeping positions – back, side, stomach or always different
  • Preferred temperature – normal, cooler, or warmer
  • Desired comfort level – soft, medium, or firm
  • Existing conditions like dust allergies, joint pain, or rheumatism
  • Budget
  • Headboard height of the platform bed
  • Bed frame type (closed or on legs) and height

Magniflex mattresses feature unrivaled quality that combines Italian style, and attention to detail with unbeatable comfort, support, and convenience. Utilizing only the most environmentally-friendly materials and techniques, Magniflex is dedicated to the pursuit of healthy sleep solutions supported by an array of certifications in the field of green technology, among which is the OEKO-TEX® and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard).

custom shopping for contemporary mattresses

Magniflex mattresses offer exception performance throughout its products including mattress covers that keep cool throughout the night as well as all of the mattress layers that help with weight distribution and spinal alignment for long-lasting support and muscle restoration. Magniflex mattress feature unique materials and technology across its rich product line including:

  • Dual Core technology that allows both partners to choose the comfort that is right for each of them
  • Combination of different layers include Memoform, Eliosoft, Magnigel and Elioform, which offer an extraordinary feeling of embracing comfort
  • Breathable and thermo-regulating covers made with natural Viscose can easily be removed and dry cleaned for your convenience
  • Special magnistretch foam layer that uses the pressure of the body’s weight to stretch and decompress spinal column and muscles
  • Incorporation of innovative new material called Aquabreeze, a special water-based foam that facilitates air circulation for added heat dispersion throughout the mattress
  • Season utilization of materials with a winter side that features padding in cashmere, camel hair, merino wool and horsehair, while summer side features padding that includes horsehair, linen, cotton, and silk

quickship vs. special order modern mattresses

While most of our modern furniture selection is made-to-order with 12-16 weeks lead times, the majority of Magniflex mattresses are readily available shortly after ordered for added convenience in US Queen and King sizes. All other sizes like Twin, Twin XL, Full and California King are available with just 5-8 weeks lead time.

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