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entryway storage units

Very often, a hallway unit is the first thing seen when entering a house and is the first opportunity to show off your good taste. First impressions matter, which is our selection of modern hallway units is both practical and stylish and is up to the task of having an impact in a contemporary home. With an eye-catching geometry and dimensions, the right hallway piece is unique and fits in with a variety of modern furnishings while also serving the purpose of convenience with an accommodating surface and other storage features.

While we offer an array of modern hallway solutions, some Italian hallway units by manufactures like Tomasella incorporate aesthetically unique designs, along with practical and durable features. Many hallway units complement other modern furniture like sideboards and console tables, forming a cohesive design concept in an open concept floor plan

what are hallway units?

Modern hallway units made in Italy are furniture solutions that often incorporate one or more of the following elements: shelves, drawers, cabinets, hangers, and even mirrors in some instances. At times, a hallway unit will need to be secured to the wall or have a freestanding structure that could be easily moved, offering multi-faceted dispositions as storage and display solutions, as well as geometrically inspired pieces of décor that stand out through their unique style.

Hallway units are primarily used as storage for various items including:

  • Coats and jackets
  • Hats, gloves, and scarves
  • Keys, sunglasses, and loose change
  • Purses and wallets
  • Dog leash and collar

Different compositions are available based on color and finish requirements, as well as spatial limitations. Whether the space necessitates something simple and classic, bold and sculptural, or elegant and grand, the choices are vast. Additionally, a variety of functional elements like mirrors could be incorporated for a bold contemporary hallway solution and extended utility

customization options for contemporary hallway units

Contemporary hallway units are available with extensive customization options that include an array of laminate, lacquer, and wood finishes as well as an ample color spectrum that makes their placement possibilities endless. Creating the impressive entryway with ease, modern hallway units are built to last and fit wide and narrow spaces as well as challenging areas with extra high ceilings. Custom-made compositions that offer the perfect scale are also designed to accommodate individual needs and preferences using flap-door and swing-door storage compartments, as well as shelves and drawers.

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