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contemporary end tables

End tables are essential in a modern living room, and usually make even the smallest details matter. The finest modern sofa or sectional can look incomplete when accessorized with the wrong end table or when lacking an end table altogether. The collection at room service 360° ensures that every detail of the home receives thoughtful attention, with Italian side tables that accent and complement modern furniture yet carry more than enough visual interest to hold their own as well.

Our contemporary side tables feature designs from Europe's most talented designers and the most renowned Italian furniture manufacturers. While each table has its distinctive flair and personality, all beautifully complement a contemporary living room with style. In addition to looking great, they are lightweight for a smooth relocation.

must-have features

End tables may not be the main focal point in a modern living area, but that does not mean they do not have a lot to offer. Our selection has an array of gorgeous and convenient features that are sure to add convenience, practicality, and style.

  • Incorporated storage - It is vital to have storage space for when you want to keep remotes and magazines tucked out of sight.
  • Shelves - This provides multiple levels to hold essential items and display eye-catching pieces of décor.
  • C-shaped design – An ergonomic structure designed to slip underneath a chair or sofa and over the seat to create a makeshift work area or place to rest a cup of tea or a book. Not only is this incredibly functional, but it also brings a bold, geometric look to the room.
  • Nested tables - These modern end tables all fit inside of one another for space-saving feature while providing ample space when its needed
  • Lift mechanism - This option moves smoothly, creating a taller table in seconds to fit different height needs by those using it

custom options

The end tables at room service 360° are made in Italy and are available with a high degree of customization. Choose between a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and finishes. Our finish options are immense and include ceramic, glass, wood, leather, lacquer, laminate, metal, mirror, stone, and more. Each option has a unique level of utility and will stay durable for the long haul. Most products come with individual finishes for the top and base, and some come with even more finish options including frames, shelves and other components. Having these contrasting finishes that stand out against one another makes these modern end tables not only stylistically savvy, but an integral element in living spaces.

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