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contemporary dressers

room service 360° high-end collection of modern dressers are architectural masterpieces that are as beautiful as they are functional. The extensive dresser selection not only provides quality options for storage and organization, but creative, bold styles to complement the bed and nightstands as well. When it comes to design, dressers are essential to forming a cohesive look in the room as they represent complementary pieces of furniture that, together with nightstands and chests, all work together to create a beautiful custom-made modern bedroom set.

The stunning Italian dressers are part of comprehensive case good collections from prestigious brands like San Giacomo, Presotto Italia, Tomasella, Tonin Casa, Cattelan Italia, Lago and more. These high-end collections feature matching chests and nightstands with complementing qualities that collectively yield a stylish design concept in the bedroom. Whether paired with matching pieces or added as a standalone piece, our collections of contemporary dressers are filled with statement making furniture elements.

built to last

Dressers offered by room service 360° feature robust construction and lasting durability. Made with an array of top-quality materials such as wood, metal, and ceramic, modern dressers are bound to perform consistently for many years and become a staple piece in the bedroom. Featuring a variety of innovative components, the modern dresser is full of convenient features that include:

  • Spacious drawers - keep clothes and accessories organized and out of sight.
  • Soft-closing glide mechanisms - close drawers softly and prevent slamming.
  • Built-in shelves - offer plenty of room for items you do not want tucked away.
  • Integrated lights - help illuminate the structure with interesting ambiance.
  • Mirrored finishes - offer a stunning yet practical reflective surface with dimension.
  • Detailed handles - showcase the artisan’s incredible attention to detail.

Whether stylish, practical, or both, these features are a proof that Italian modern dresser is an absolute must-have for the bedroom due to their storage, as well as ample display opportunities. The spacious tops are the perfect place to showcase eye-catching pieces of décor and another way to create unique dual color or finish combinations for a high or soft contrast.

easy customization

Customizing a contemporary dresser is an easy process thanks to the wide array of styles, shapes, sizes, materials, and colors. To narrow down the search for the perfect dresser, shopping by the following criteria is recommended:

  • The number of drawers will help decide the size and style of the dresser, as well as the depth of the actual drawer.
  • Finish options like wood, leather or eco leather, matte or high gloss lacquer, as well as glass will serve as the deciding factor on many occasions, dictating the overall ambiance and the flow of the bedroom space.
  • Shape is another major attribute when it comes to selecting a dresser, especially when curved structures are desired.
  • The top of the dresser is a big deal, especially if it will be used for displaying picture frames and other items, at which point a durable surface like ceramic is a big plus.
  • Full collection which at times may include an array of sizes such as single or double and version like floor-standing or wall mounted, as well as matching items like nightstands and chests help with reimagined the overall layout and function of the bedroom.
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