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modern display cabinets

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modern display cabinets

Modern curios and display cabinets are used primarily to highlight valuable collectibles and other contents, as well as to protect them. At room service 360°, we offer a broad selection of the best and most contemporary options that could be easily used cohesively with modern dining room furniture to display fine china and silver or used in other living areas of the home to display treasured collections, art pieces, and sculptures. Most commonly encased in transparent glass, contemporary display cabinets add stylish dimensionality, utility, and sophistication to any modern home.

Adding a distinctive contemporary design element that will complement dining rooms, living rooms, and hallways, modern display cabinets are available in a broad array of glass designs. From clear to textured or stenciled doors, the extensive selection of Italian curio cabinets and display showcases at room service 360° ensures the right fit and the right style for the space and the contents inside.

must-have features for contemporary display cabinets

The practical and convenient features available for our selection of modern display cabinets include must-have elements such as:

  • Drawers that allow keeping certain items out of sight but within reach
  • Sliding doors that move back and forth smoothly and do not take up valuable space when opened.
  • Framed or frameless swing doors equipped with soft close mechanisms that open and close with ease
  • Swivel mechanism that shows your décor pieces at multiple angles
  • Integrated lights that work via a switch or remote and highlight the coveted contents inside with a beautiful glow
  • Castors that make moving the curio to other areas easy
  • Lock and key to assure the safety of the contents protected inside.

display cabinet types

While the range of display cabinets is wide and easily customizable, there are certainly specific needs that are met by the distinct types of curios offered.

  • Freestanding curio – the most popular options as they offer 360-degree view inside and can easily be used as room dividers
  • Corner units – are perfect solutions to fill an empty corner without taking up precious space
  • Swivel units – top choice to attract even more attention to the content inside and typically placed in the center of a room

finish options for Italian display solutions

room service 360° Italian display cabinets are available in a variety of glass options and different frames that allow the showcasing of valuable accessories and fragile keepsakes at the same time as matching the décor in the room. From wooden framed curios like Chantal and Aura with transparent glass doors to leather upholstered structure of the Charm curio, room service 360° display cabinets have an option for every stylistic and functional requirement. Some feature minimal frames with an emphasis on the display inside, while others like the latest Echo collection by Marcel Wanders for Fiam Italia are showpieces even when kept empty. Showcases with mirrored accents like the Paris and Marrakesh collections by Tonin Casa also integrate precious details like carved doors and Swarovski handles, and are typically great additions to any modern or traditional setting.

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