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contemporary dining tables

The modern dining table is decidedly one of the most important pieces of furniture in the home, with a grand scale that simultaneously needs to make a statement and offer significant utility. At room service 360°, we integrate a wide array of options from the most renowned furniture designers and most prominent Italian brands, offering stunning contemporary styles to the dining room.

Known as the centerpiece of the dining room, modern dining tables are ought to satisfy the most refined taste and demanding functional needs. From classically inspired details to minimal options as well as solutions with grandeur and elegance at the forefront, dining tables can be easily paired with existing furniture and décor or serve as the tone-setting element for the rest of the dining space.

fixed vs. extension sizes for contemporary dining tables

Dining tables are used for entertaining, whether for large gatherings or more intimate ones, they are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and versions which include fixed and extension options that feature clever mechanisms that transform the table into a larger size with ease.

extension table types

  • Double-sided extensions features leaves on either end that pull out in one swift motion and are concealed underneath the table when not in use. this open allows for the use of each extension individually when required.
  • One-sided extension is typically used with the help of legs that move with the extension, and is a great solution for dining rooms where the table is not placed in the center.
  • Central extension often features a more elaborate mechanism, with a grander ring mechanism that rotates to reveal a central extension with the use of a manual lever or by pushing a button on a remote.
  • Swivel extension is a unique mechanism that is either used on round dining tables or smaller tables, where the extension is almost the same size as the top and doubles the size of the table when fully extended.

modern dining tabletop finishes for every style

With an array of beautiful tabletop choices for many interior styles, selecting the one that is easy to integrate with existing décor and color palette, as well as meet individual maintenance requirements, is easier than ever.

  • Wood – Options with wood tops integrate a natural, classic look into the room. The intricate details of the wood grain like walnut and oak bring an organic element and certain welcoming warmth both visually and to the touch.
  • Ceramic – This option provides the room with a luxurious, glamorous style. The contrasting colors and swirling details that resemble natural marbles and granites make each top unique. Ceramic-top dining tables are also the most durable and as close to maintenance-free with scratch-resistant, heat-resistant and stain-resistant qualities.
  • Marble – Marble tops bring prestige and timelessness to the modern dining room. The textured finish for each option is one-of-a-kind and stands out with its refinement and endearing elegance.
  • Glass – glass top tables have a sleek minimalism and are a durable solution that’s easy to care for. An array of different glass options are available and include clear, extra clear, colored, printed, and acid-etched, which is finger-print resistant.
  • Lacquer – with options that include matte and glossy, lacquer is a great choice when it comes to color customization that’s easily mixed with existing modern décor
  • Laminate – a finish that’s full of textural and dimensional integrity, laminated top tables offer durability of use and are great solutions for budget conscious purchases.

brands and designers

With many beautiful options, including versions with pedestal bases, sculptural legs, and unique shapes that are welcoming and meet any entertaining needs, the modern dining table collection incorporates ideal solutions for today's contemporary dining room settings. Innovative dining table styles from iconic designers such as Gino Carollo, Giuseppe Vigano, Karim Rashid, Mauro Lipparini and Toyo Ito that are both recognized for their award-winning designs and materials as well as for their practical qualities and performance in the home. This designer pedigree coupled with meticulous and highly specialized craftsmanship levels from renowned Italian brands like Bonaldo, Bontempi Casa, Cattelan Italia, Costantini Pietro and Naos guarantees that your next Italian dining table will be made exceptionally well and offer immense visual elegance to the dining room as a stunning and functional pieces of art.

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