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contemporary dining chairs

Decorating the modern dining room is incomplete without giving a lot of thought to the type, color, comfort, materials, and scale of the dining chair. A fashion statement in its own way, the modern dining chair gives an opportunity to add another decorative layer and contrasting textures to the space.

Often the focal point in a dining area, the modern dining chair is essential and epitomizes the true essence of juxtaposed forms and functions. With modernity and elegance, function and beauty, sophistication and simplicity, the dining chair collection at room service 360 is vast and designed to coexist in a harmonious and highly impactful composition with many dining table options.

no chair is the same

Most commonly upholstered, the Italian dining chair could be customized using exquisite leathers, luxurious fabrics and durable eco leathers, all of which are available in a wide range of colors and textures that ensure every dining room can achieve a custom design. In addition to upholstered options, popular finishes for contemporary dining chairs include plastic, metal, wood, and propylene options. The propylene finishes, by Kartell, for example, are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, making them extremely sustainable and versatile.

Further customization could be extended to the varied material combinations used for the frame and the seat/back of the dining chair. Combining the spontaneous character of natural woods like walnut and thermal oak with the deliberate panache of rich fabrics is destined to dominate the interior limelight of the modern dining room. An impressive play of color will likewise highlight the superior quality and diverse tactile appeal of the sophisticated upholstery options available.

brands that carry designer dining chairs

Our vast collection of modern dining chairs encapsulates designs with expressive beauty, full of extraordinary finishes that are embellished with contemporary features. These one-of-a-kind seating solutions accommodate various decorative and functional needs. From hand-made wooden structures to innovative single mold plastic options, the dining chair collection is curated from the most successful and design-centric manufactures, among which are:

  • Artifort – a designer hub with modern-classic creations that transcend the tests of time, dining chairs by Artifort are iconic and highly sculptural
  • Bonaldo – elegant with an edgy vibe, Bonaldo dining chairs have an inviting allure
  • Bontempi Casa – a leader in reinventing and reintroducing precious metal finishes like bronze and copper, Italian dining chairs by Bontempi Casa allude to the inviting and softening aspect of refined textures in the realm of modern decor
  • Cattelan Italia – an excellent choice when it comes to comfort and coziness, Cattelan dining chairs have a dynamic nature that offers aesthetic harmony and denotes intuitive versatility, especially when paired with Cattelan Italia dining tables.
  • Costantini Pietro – dining chairs that inject the dining room with the most sophisticated transformative aura due to a striking combination between luxurious finishes among which are posh velvets, exotic woods and commanding structures that offer timelessness and decorative sophistication to the overall space.
  • Kartell – dining chair options that are best associated with ultra-modern furniture in striking color combination that are suitable for any space as well as the outdoors, featuring structures that deviate from the typical, making dining chairs by Kartell both modern and memorable
  • Midj – ranging in formal and informal options with minimalist structures and surfaces that take on center stage in the dining space
  • Porada - welcoming, and somewhat dramatic, contemporary dining chairs by Porada have a color palette that signifies warmth and coziness with minimal, natural influences like Canaletto walnut wood and hand-carved structures that highlight the stunning materials

forming a cohesive look

Furnishing an entire room or house means finding furniture pieces that flow together and offer a cohesive look. Pair the modern dining chairs with a variety of complementary dining tables to create the custom dining room solution that is ideal for the spatial and functional requirements at hand. Full of contemporary design that favors dimensional rhythm, dining chairs that are paired successfully with the finishes, scale, and style of a dining table, collectively explore, and exploit the theme of contrasts and visual compatibility.

Each modern dining chair solution provides comfort, design, and versatility with style, exhibiting the sophisticated taste and aesthetic refinement that are the hallmarks of all the contemporary furniture offered by room service 360°.

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