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contemporary console tables

Contemporary console tables double as a piece of furniture and a beautiful piece of sculptural art. An essential component of any modern living space, Italian console tables instantly establish the style and atmosphere of their surroundings. Manufactured in Italy, modern console tables offer skilled designers the opportunity to display artistry and create a piece of furniture that adds distinction and sophistication to contemporary rooms.

The sleek proportions of Italian console tables help create a piece of furniture that perfectly complements the streamlined forms of modern living rooms, hallways and entryways with elegant styling. These furniture pieces are the ideal way to display lamps, clocks, and gorgeous pieces of décor as well as personal collections and other meaningful elements like family pictures, trophies and awards as well as books. Depending on its placement within the home, a console table can also be used as a convenient surface to put phone chargers, a speaker and remote controls.

extensive collection of modern console tables

Our collection of modern console tables is available in a variety of sizes, shapes, styles, colors, and materials that are designed to meet spatial, decorative and practical requirements.

  • Size: having a myriad of sizes is essential to accommodate different spatial constraints and stylistic preferences.
  • Finish: varying also in finishes like wood, ceramic, glass, metal, and Fenix options with practical and decorative merits of their own, console tables give an opportunity to make a truly custom decision.
  • Functionality: from fingerprint resistant and scratch resilient, console tables can also feature fixed and extension options that are able to transform from a small console structure to a fully functional dining table that accommodates many people.
  • Style: when customizing your next console table, it’s important to keep in mind the overall house style. For example, design options such as live edge would go well in a more rustic style, while a sleek glass silhouette would be ideal for a more minimal décor.

sculptural beauties

One of the most attractive elements of modern console tables includes their ability to become a stand-alone focal point in additional to displaying home décor and other precious items. Very often, a contemporary console table will feature an eye-catching silhouette deserving of maximum attention. This is especially true for those consoles that feature gorgeous bases and intricate details that set them apart from the rest. With dual dispositions that make them double as a piece of art and ideal decorative investment in any room of the house, modern console tables have evolved from sheer surfaces to an essential decorative addition of their surroundings.

Another great feature of console tables with sculptural bases is their ability to complement other furniture pieces in the room. Very often a collection will include matching coffee tables, end tables as well as console tables, making them easily integrated into a single space with cohesive design concept. Mix and matching is also a way to go, and because our selection is so vast, it is easy to find the right look for any setting.

brands available

At room service 360, we partner with the most prestigious brands and factories from Italy and Europe that offer consoles in addition to other modern furniture options. Some of these include:

  • Bonaldo
  • Bross Italia
  • Cattelan Italia
  • Cierre
  • Costantini Pietro
  • Fiam Italia
  • Lago
  • Naos
  • Porada
  • Tonelli
  • Tonin Casa

These exclusive, design-centric factories have distinct personalities. From elegant and sophisticated designs that are meant to make a grand impression, to more classic and simpler options that offer design longevity. Options with unique functionalities like extension versions that change sizes with ease or the more practical options that focus on utility and sustainability.

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