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contemporary chests

The room service 360° collection of modern chests for the bedroom is ideal for stylish yet functional storage opportunities. The ample space on the chest's top is an added surface to display personal mementos as well as pieces of home decor and other treasured objects, while the drawers are great for storing and organizing clothes and accessories. Presented in a variety of sizes, shapes, and forms, each chest of drawers represents the artistic vision of Europe’s most talented and respected designers in the realm of contemporary bedroom furniture.

Whether the chest is there as a complementary addition to the modern bedroom, the room service 360° collection of chests satisfies storage needs with style and grace. They also have plenty of room on top to display eye-catching pieces of décor and other memorabilia.

iconic features

The contemporary chest solutions offered at our store meet the high standards of excellence in terms of aesthetics and quality, with chests that are solidly constructed and built to last, as well as simultaneously incorporating stunning designs. Depending on the actual storage needs and spatial limitations, our options vary in size and drawer quantity and conveniently include features like self-closing mechanisms, invisible gliders, built-in shelves, integrated desk, and integrated lights. Some options also can be wall mounted for extra security and a floating look.

custom chest of drawers

Like other storage solutions and case goods that available for the modern bedroom, chests can be easily customized as they are available in a variety of high – quality materials, including:

  • Glass - designed to give a modern and floating look to the overall chest without the necessity to wall mount heavy structures
  • Wood - Offers a natural, and at times, depending on the finish, rustic look to the room as well as provides durability
  • Metal - while not used for the entire structure, metal accents add a sturdy base as well as offer a shiny finishing look when used for drawer handles
  • Matte lacquer - the best way to incorporate a color into the space as these are usually available in an array of neutral or bright colors
  • Glossy lacquer - similarly to the matte lacquer, shiny lacquer options are a fantastic way to add both a color and a dimensional surface through its shiny coating
  • Leather - the best way to have a fluid finish and color palette with a leather-upholstered bed, leather chests are luxurious, and feature soft surfaces
  • Laminate - a great way to stay within a certain budget and get a unique textural look, this finish is particularly durable and is available in an array of colors, geometric prints, and wood-like finishes

In addition to shopping by finish, chest selection could be narrowed down by width, height, or price for the perfect overall fit. To form a cohesive design concept in the bedroom, shopping by collection would include matching dressers and nightstands.

prestigious brands

Our high-end selection of chests includes products from leading Italian manufacturers, among which are Bonaldo, Cierre, Lago, Presotto Italia, San Giacomo, Tomasella, and Tonin Casa. With sophisticated features that offer individual modern aesthetics, chest designs range from geometric and bold to luxurious and timeless.

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