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contemporary chaise lounges

room service 360° has an extensive collection of modern chaise lounges that are eye-catching and a perfect place to stretch out in style. Originally coined by French royalty, chaise lounges made their way around the world, immediately becoming the preferred way to unwind and relax. Today, these luxury seating options have evolved to fit into a contemporary home. Each is created with both function and form in mind, resulting in modern chaise lounges that not only provide an inviting and comfortable place to sit, but stand on their own as striking sculptures. From classic leather beauties to more minimalistic options, a broad selection of Italian chaise lounge styles ensures a perfect choice for every taste and every corner of the house.

An excellent relaxation oasis, these modern chaise lounges are designed to fit into any room with ease. Whether you need extra seating in the living area or would like a place to lounge and relax in the bedroom or the den, these solutions are ideal. Chaise lounges from room service 360° offer a contemporary elegance with an inviting silhouette without sacrificing style and sophistication. While they are spacious enough to allow you to lay back and relax, they do not need as much room as a sofa, making it easily accommodating for many spatial constraints.

chaise lounge versions and customizations

Selecting the right chaise lounge from an array of versions to accommodate all your needs and preferences is very easy. While each option is unique, finding the perfect way to lounge involves knowing all the modern chaise lounge version out there

  • Mobile versions – These options come with attached wheels and/or swiveling bases to move around the space or change view in seconds
  • Convertible versions – Easily transform from a contemporary chaise lounge into an upright chair for a space-saving solution
  • Armless versions – Quick and unhindered access in and out of the chaise lounge, the armless option also gives the modern chaise lounge a sleek, minimal look while still offering a comfortable place to unwind
  • Double chaise versions – a lunging place for two, the double chaise offers an ample space for a couple to stretch out and relax comfortably together

Designed to represent a luxurious place to relax and unwind, our elaborate collection of modern chaise lounges has unique personalities and functional appeal. No matter which modern chaise lounge option fits your space, the luxury it offers is unquestionable. For easy customization, our Italian chaise lounges are available in a variety of leather and fabric upholsteries, from lush and supple to thick and grainy leather as well an array of luxurious fabrics destined to accentuate a modern living space while creating a comfortable spot to lounge, read and lie around on a lazy afternoon.

lounge in comfort

While all the Italian chaise lounges online and in store are comfortable, we do have different seat and back cushioning options. Comfort preferences vary from person to person, and our different choices are designed to accommodate.

  • Feather filling is ultra-soft and has a cloud-like feel
  • Memory foam lining molds to your body and provides support effortlessly
  • Polyurethane foam lining is firmer but at the same time allows for a more sculptural silhouette
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