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modern buffets + sideboards

At room service 360°, a modern buffet or sideboard is more than a functional piece of dining room furniture — it is an opportunity to create a distinctive and sophisticated style. In any dining room, dining table and chairs often make a strong design statement, allowing the sideboard to take on a more functional storage role. However, when paired with a simpler dining room composition, the modern buffet can equally become a compelling attraction that serves to balance the entire style of the room. The buffet and sideboard selection from the room service 360° provides a variety of both visually striking and largely functional options that complement a wide array of modern dining table and chairs.

With refined solutions from some of Italy’s best design houses and most sophisticated manufacturing facilities, room service 360° curated an unparalleled collection of modern furniture for the dining room, including a broad array of sideboards from the world-renowned designers at Cattelan Italia, Bonaldo, Fiam and Porada. Every piece in the collection of buffets and sideboards reflects the artistic vision and inspiration of the creative minds behind it and the innovative materials and manufacturing process that are part of its brand. From sleek and chic lines to strong, architectural forms, a broad selection ensures the perfect choice for any décor scheme and any lifestyle.

choosing between modern sideboards and cupboards

Sideboards (or buffets) and cupboards have the same purpose of being practical storage and display solutions. The difference between the two is size. With sideboards, it features a wide structure that is typically low. Cupboards, on the other hand, are slightly taller and have a more compact width. Both offer uncompromising quality and stylistic longevity that will transcend the tests of time. Determining your special capacity and storage needs is the first step to this decision.

If space is not an issue, that does not mean that sideboards are the immediate answer or only answer, for that matter. Our gorgeous selection features matching collections of sideboards and cupboards that could be used congruently or independently as well as in multiples, especially when using cupboards.

amazing features and customizations

Our selection of luxurious sideboards and buffets offer must-have features. The functional details include:

  1. drawers that could be used for silverware
  2. swing doors for easy access
  3. sliding doors when space is constrained
  4. soft-closing doors mechanisms that will never slam against the structure
  5. interior shelves that add organizational capacity

There are also decorative features that separate each sideboard from the next, which are:

  1. integrated LED lights that help highlight whatever is stored inside
  2. mirrored doors that add a dynamic reflective surface
  3. Textured surfaces that add another dimension
  4. Floating structure that helps eliminate that heavy look that is sometimes associated with large storage structures

Another incredible customization opportunity lies in the broad array of finishes and colors that could be used to make these sideboards and buffets even more extraordinary. Choose between natural woods, colorful lacquers, durable and luxurious ceramics, and sleek glass options. But regardless of the finish choice, the sideboard or buffet selected at room service 360 is bound to become a distinct addition to the modern dining room with both storage and stylistic personality.

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