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modern bookcases

Modern bookcases are an integral part of creative Italian storage solutions and include shelving units that transform the typical into extraordinary, even without the actual books. Whether intended to be displayed on a wall, as a room divider or as a portable solution on wheels, each contemporary bookcase is distinctly unique and serves as an expression of elevated craftsmanship from the finest European craftsmen.

A stunning focal point, modern bookcases offer storage and display capabilities, assuring a place to showcase personal book collection, sentimental memorabilia, awards, prized possessions, and gorgeous pieces of home décor. Made in Italy, these contemporary bookshelves are dynamic in nature and easily transform the space with their bold designs.

stunning contemporary bookshelves for every room

Ranging in styles and functional dispositions, contemporary bookshelves are bound to make a statement in the living area, bedroom, den, or home office. They also make great dividers in a studio apartment or in an open floor layout that requires a visual separation into different sections. Going above their design centric profiles, modern bookcases create a convenient and practical storage space and are known as an unquestionably multi-faceted furniture element.

Bookshelves for different rooms will vary in features and may include one or more of the following:

  • Freestanding structure
  • Artistic and highly sculptural facades
  • Floor-to-ceiling profiles
  • Integrated lights
  • Built-in desk
  • Closed storage with sliding and flap door sections
  • Floating shelves
  • Wall anchored compositions
  • Swiveling structures

Bookshelves have been used for as long as books have been around and offer the most classic yet glorious and elegant presence, suggestive of intelligence and worldliness. Manufactured in Italy, some contemporary bookshelves keep practicality at the forefront while others focus on boldness and fun. Many options are geometrically inspired and feature innovative contemporary designs that stand out on their own as well as fit in well with the rest of the modern decor to form a cohesive space.

How to use bookcases in different rooms of the house will also help narrow down the selection of the vast amount of options offered:

  • Bedroom – a private oasis that can often benefit from a sliding door bookcase such as Piquant by Cattelan Italia to display and hide personal effects.
  • Living room – an open space that may need a room divider that can separate it from the dining room or kitchen without actual walls using floating bookcases. example of such room dividers includes all glass Liber collection by Tonelli.
  • Kids room or playroom – a fun approach to books could be achieved using creative shapes as seen with the Tangram collection by Lago.
  • Home office - a room that can benefit from an integrated safe or bar would be a perfect place to put the Luna bookcase by Uffix

create your perfect Italian bookcase.

Customization is easy for modern bookcases with options ranging in sizes and finishes. From wood, glass and metal options to geometric solutions designed to create a textural effect, Italian bookshelves offer a strong visual effect to accommodate individual décor needs, personal preferences and space-restrictions. Wood finishes add a rustic, natural touch to the room, while glass is sleek and transparent in some cases, giving the books a floating impression of being suspended in mid-air. The metal options are sturdy and durable, holding up a lot of items very easily and complement an array of colors to create a truly one-of-a-kind look.

brands that offer modern bookcases

While each bookcase is unique and structurally tested to accommodate books, a select few Italian manufacturers elevate the bookcase design to new heights. Options from the likes of Bonaldo, Horm, Cattelan Italia, Cierre, Lago, Presotto Italia, San Giacomo, Tomasella, Tonelli, and Tonin Casa truly accolade the designer mentality offering contemporary bookcases with an incredible degree of visual ingenuity. Offering the full gamut of designs that includes both sleek and more classic options, modern bookcases from leading innovators easily adapt to many décor styles and correlate with other pieces of furniture in the room. Furniture elements such as modern sofas and sectionals, as well as contemporary desks, coffee tables and even bedroom furniture are also manufactured by leading Italian factories and offer the same colors and finishes allowing for a cohesive interior decor.

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