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contemporary benches

Crafted with the utmost quality and attention to detail, the modern bench selection at room service 360° is gorgeous, with choices that appeal to every taste, even the most discriminatory. Benches offer a unique seating solution in a contemporary dining area with comfortable, spacious, and flexible demeanor. Whether the bench is destined to be in a more formal dining area or a casual kitchen, integrating a modern dining bench could be a smart choice.

attractive factors of a contemporary dining room bench

One of the most attractive elements of a bench is versatile. Whether placed in a dining room or kitchen, a bench can be used as alternatives to dining chairs and moved to other areas around the house such as the foyer, the bedroom or living room. Additional key features that make the bench an attractive dining seating solution include:

  • Price: the cost of individual dining chairs can really add up, making a bench that can potentially seat the same amount of people- a cost-effective solution.
  • Flexibility: the space between each seat on the bench can be controlled by the amount of people sitting there. Unlike with a dining chair, an extra person or two could be squeezed in for large gatherings.
  • Space: backless benches could be tucked under the table and out of the way if more floor space is needed.

creating a new benchmark for Italian dining room benches

room service 360° offers a variety of cohesive bench seating options for the dining room from stunning Italian factories. Benches by Costantini Pietro offer a comfortable seating experience because of the back and could be easily matched with dining chairs from the same collection. If a cohesive dining room is desired, then options like the Air bench by Lago, Ripples bench by Horm and Ritz bench by Bross, all have a matching dining table that seamlessly completes the dining room. Other modern bench options feature innovative materials like foam on the Soft Bench by Lago and the single mold plastic on the Uncle Jim bench by Kartell. Regardless of the bench type, each bench options could be customized in terms of:

  • Finish – options include wood, matte or glossy lacquer, fabric, leather, and plastic
  • Size – depending on the total width of the dining table, the bench could be selected to be just as long as the table, or be used in multiples when two shorter benches are more suitable
  • Color – especially important if the bench has a lacquered finish or has an upholstered frame, the color choice will be vast. Selecting from bright options or muted ones can help create a stunning and congruent color palette in the entire space.
  • Style - In addition to the finish, size, and color, it is imperative that the style of the bench is consistent, especially since it is a part of the room’s décor. Ultra-modern options like Soft bench by Lago and Ritz by Bross are great pairings with modern dining tables, while more rustic-styled benches such as the Air bench by Lago, Ripples bench by Horm and the Panketta bench by Tomasella all offer a rustic twist to their otherwise contemporary structures.
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