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modern beds + Italian leather beds

As the most significant piece of furniture in a bedroom, a modern bed not only establishes the decorative style of the space, but reflects the lifestyle and personal tastes of those who sleep in it. room service 360° collection of Italian beds includes a broad range of styles, shapes, and configurations, all created by Europe’s finest designers of modern bedroom furniture.

Not only are the contemporary beds in our collection full of unique style, but they offer various comfort and convenience features as well, including adjustable headrest, storage, and integrated lights. Utilizing the best materials, our stunning collection features the latest Italian bed designs from renowned Italian brands such as Lago, Cattelan Italia, Bonaldo and Gamma Arredamenti.

cutting-edge features

room service 360° innovative collection offers contemporary beds with many eye-catching features. Some options feature frames that extend beyond the boundaries of the mattress to serve as nightstands, while others feature stunning headboards that also work as pieces of wall art. Truly cosmopolitan, and not just in the ultra-trendy fashion, modern beds can be categorized into a few structural versions among which:

  • Versions with boxed frames - offer a closed structure that is standing on smaller legs and allow for a box-spring to be hidden inside without jeopardizing the minimal look. Boxed frames also allow for the highly popular adjustable mattress supports to be nestled inside.
  • Versions with floating frames - the perfect solutions for lovers of minimal style, these floating frames give off an airy illusion of being suspended in mid-air, but fear not, all floating bed frames integrate innovative and exceptionally durable construction.
  • Extended headboard - makes a grand impression in the bedroom and even comes with options that have built-in nightstands.
  • Built-in storage - a useful option that enables to utilize the space under the bed and is accessible using a pull-up and soft-close options.
  • Adjustable mattress support - designed to correlate with different mattress heights and allow for the mattress to be nestled inside the modern bed frames at the ultimate height.
  • Adjustable headrest - perfect solution for those who love to sit up to read in bed or watch TV comfortably, the headrest moves smoothly up for added height and back support and down for a streamlined look.
  • Integrated lights - designed to add convenient and built-in night light and an enchanting ambiance to the bedroom with an easy on and off switch.

creating the bed of your dreams

Choosing the right modern bed comes with many considerations. Beds are one of the most used pieces of furniture in the house, so it is important to select the perfect product for you. With fabric, leather, eco-leather, ceramic, Ecomalta, wood, metal, laminate, and lacquered finishes available, the broad selection ensures the right option for any taste. Upholstered options seamlessly combine comfort and style, ceramic finishes offer luxury to the room, wood options are rustic and bring a bit of the outdoors inside, and metal accents add an element of minimalism and durability. Contrasting and matching finishes can also be added to create a truly one-of-a-kind look.

  • Bed size - While our modern bed collection features 100% authentic Italian-made products, all bed sizes accommodate standard US mattress sizes such as queen and king, with select manufacturers like Cattelan also featuring beds in California king size while Gamma Arredamenti making their beds in full, queen, king and Cal. King sizes and even featuring a special round size bed.
  • Headboard height - Whether you are looking for a grand look with a high headboard or a minimalist design that features a lower headboard bed, narrowing search results by headboard height is easy by putting ideal height.
  • Color choice is another big decision when it comes to selecting the perfect modern bed. Neutral colors are still dominating contemporary bedroom interiors as they represent purity, simplicity, vigor, and luminosity. On the other hand, dark and dramatic tones add elegance and enchanted romance.

brands that offer stunning modern beds

We partner with an array of prestigious Italian brands that have beautiful, timeless, practical beds with high design and highest quality.

  • Bonaldo - bold and unique, these beds bring a great deal of design ingenuity to the modern bedroom and are available in an array of unique upholstery options.
  • Cattelan Italia - bringing a sense of an understated elegance to the bedroom space, Cattelan Italia bed are known to seamlessly combine comfort and style.
  • Cierre - known for incredible craftsmanship, especially when it comes to leather upholstery, Cierre beds are offering a sleek look that is easy to pair with other furniture pieces in the room.
  • Gamma Arredamenti - known for their sophisticated style, bed solutions by Gamma Arredamenti feature incredible attention to detail, such as tufted headboards and intricate stitching patterns with transcendent qualities.
  • Lago - one of the most unique manufacturers, pushing design limits in terms of ingenuity, beds by Lago are sleek and minimal with the illusion of floating for a magical touch.
  • Pianca - an example of products that could be easily matched with occasional furniture like nightstands and dressers, Pianca beds are available to ship quickly for convenience and bring a chic style to the contemporary bedroom space.
  • Presotto Italia - unique silhouettes and versatile designs make this brand a leader in modern beds.
  • Tomasella - the perfect solution for those looking to add hip and trendy décor to their bedroom space, Tomasella beds have a light and airy appeal while also offer a highly functional demeanor and most innovative finishes

complementary furniture for contemporary beds

While the bed is incredibly important, it is rarely the only furniture element in the bedroom. Designed to add elegant aesthetics and functional storage, complementary furniture such as nightstands, dressers, and chests are an absolute must! With some beds offering built-in nightstands, free-standing beds are perfectly matched with nightstands that offer a sleek complementing design concept as well as practical storage. Mix and match colors and finishes by incorporating storage solutions that are bound to add dimensional décor to the entire space. Likewise, realize any color palette and decorative genre through a myriad of stylistic elements, finishes and intricate details that are bound to create subtle elegance with sleek minimalism in the bedroom.

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