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modern bedroom desks

Crafted by the best and most prominent Italian designers, the modern vanity tables and bedroom desks available in the extensive collection at room service 360° make a statement in a contemporary bedroom. Italian vanity tables are ideal for getting ready for the day, and the incredible attention to detail makes them durable and practical for years to come.

The wide array of vanities and modern bedroom desks in our collection offer multi-faceted performance that doubles as a place to put on make-up and even do some work and study. In addition, their structures introduce an unexpected and, at times, unique element that adds dimension and finish continuity with respect to the rest of the furniture in the bedroom.

Contemporary vanities are full functional demeanor and streamlined details, carefully crafted and professionally designed by prestigious Italian companies among which are Cattelan Italia, Pianca, Presotto Italia, San Giacomo, Tomasella, Tonelli, and Tonin Casa.

choosing the right option for you

With so many great styles available, how do you choose between them all? First, decide what you will be using this vanity for and that will help narrow down the gorgeous options. If it is just for getting ready, then sleek options are a great choice. If it is going to be a place where you work and need to be efficient, then options with integrated storage and spacious tops are ideal. We also have other convenient features such as the ability to mount to the wall, storage drawers, shelves, attached mirrors, and integrated lights. We even have options that double as a desk and dresser that is perfect for space-conscious rooms.

These sleek, minimalistic vanity tables that can double as desks are designed primarily for the modern bedroom, however, can also be used in the living room, and kitchen as well as other spaces that can benefit from a space-saving solution that incorporates both a storage and a desk surface. The varying styles offered can fit in with existing décor and include sophisticated options that bring a touch of versatility to their surroundings.

creating your perfect vanity

These modern vanity tables pair beauty with functionality, making them the perfect solution for a contemporary bedroom. Luxurious finish options are available such as beautiful wood textures, glossy or matte lacquer, scratch-resistant ceramic, and clear, extra clear, and acid-etched glass that is finger-print resistant for easy utility. The top and base usually come with different finish options, creating a cool contrast that adds to their unique overall style.

It is also easy to customize the shapes and sizes with rectangular, barrel, and shaped versions that are available for a multifaceted visual effect. Likewise, the rich selection of modern vanity tables and bedroom desks correlates to individual spatial requirements, which is why many of our contemporary vanities and desks are available in different widths and, depths, yielding a total look that combines a sense of the extraordinary along with a practical nature. Regardless of size, material or style, the modern vanity and desk selection is filled with stunning solutions that can be scaled to the bedroom and are representative of personal preferences.

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