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modern bar cabinets

As with all the modern dining furniture that are a part of our gorgeous collection, room service 360° offers bar cabinets and trolley bars that are as chic and stylish as they are functional. Trolley bars not only add entertainment value to the dining room but to any room in the home, making them a must-have pieces of furniture for those who entertain regularly. With similar utility to a sideboard, bar cabinets feature dedicated storage compartments for bottles, glassware, and tools as well as a flat top surface for cocktail making or to be used as a cutting.

As an authorized representative of the finest Italian furniture manufacturers, room service 360° is pleased to offer an exclusive collection of contemporary bar cabinets that make a statement in your home and combine useful functionality at once and saving many trips between the kitchen and bar area.

what makes bar cabinets essential

Modern bar cabinets are must-have pieces of furniture because often there is a great need to seamlessly intertwine utility with style. Designed to act like a liquor cabinet, these bar options display bottled alcoholic beverages, stemware, and barware as well as wine and spirit decanter, bar and wine tools as well as buckets, chillers, and coasters to make everything easily accessible and convenient when entertaining guests. Additional useful features that make life easier and hosting a party a breeze include:

  • Castors for easy relocation, in case the party moves from room to room – the bar does too
  • Foldability so it does not take up valuable space when not in use
  • Extension mechanisms to accommodate spaces of varied sizes and areas that have limited entertaining space
  • Durable and sturdy shelves designed to keep everything neat and organized
  • Integrated lights to highlight the structure and the contents in style
  • Pull-out trays to access drinks and other entertainment items with ease

easy customization for contemporary bar cabinets

The high-end bar cabinets and trolleys are crafted with both artistry and practicality in mind. It is simple to create a custom look, with an array of styles, shapes, sizes, and finishes available. Our easy-to-use filters allow you to shop by size, only showing you options that will work in your space. Freestanding and wall-anchored versions are also available for convenience and stylistic preferences.

With materials like chrome, steel, lacquer, and wood veneers, the selection of modern bar cabinets at room service 360 provides distinct choices with unique decorative personalities. Chrome and steel options are sleek and offer durable support for the items placed on shelves, as well as bestow a bright, and shining element on the overall structure. Lacquer options are sturdy and are an excellent choice to uphold a certain color palette when necessary. The wood look is great for those looking to bring a natural vibe into the space.

Regardless of the choice in finish, bar cabinets have a multifunctional nature and modern aesthetics which can easily become a statement piece in the basement, dining room or a formal living room where entertaining happens.

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